Battery Life

The Redmi Pro packs a massive 4,050 mAh (15.59 Wh) non-removable lithium-ion battery, which is one of the largest batteries I've seen in a phone of this size. MediaTek SoCs typically aren't as power efficient as their Qualcomm and Samsung equivalents, which is why OEMs that use MediaTek SoCs tend to include such large batteries, but we're still getting fantastic battery life from the Redmi Pro.

There are a couple of interesting things to note from these benchmarks. Firstly, the Redmi Pro falls near the top of the charts in most situations, so this device is providing very good battery life. The handset is particularly efficient at web browsing on LTE, where the massive battery capacity helps to provide more than seven hours of stamina in our benchmark.

On the other hand, while battery life is still excellent, efficiency is only average. The Meizu m3 Note, which uses a slower MediaTek Helio P10 SoC and includes essentially the same display size and battery capacity, achieves better battery life across the board. In PCMark, for example, the m3 Note achieves a two hour advantage purely from better power efficiency.

The Galaxy S7 Edge is another interesting comparison, as this 5.5-inch handset packs a smaller 3,600 mAh battery yet matches or outperforms the Redmi Pro across the board. Again, the excellent power efficiency of the Exynos 8890 allows Samsung to include a smaller battery for still-fantastic battery life, reducing thickness and weight.