Benchmarks: Real-World Applications

The 960 Pro 1TB managed to shave four seconds off the game installation time compared to the 950 Pro. This isn't a huge improvement but then again, this might not be the best test to showcase this new SSD.

The TrueImage 2015 backup test didn't prove the 960 Pro to be much faster than the 950 Pro either, though it's still the fastest SSD we've tested.

When it came to our 38GB file archive extraction test, the 960 Pro was almost 30% faster than the 950 Pro, taking the completion time from 50 seconds to just 39 seconds.

The 960 Pro's performance advantage in this test looks much more impressive when looking at the average megabytes per second figure. Here we see Samsung's new drive was good for 972MB/s, 28% faster than the 950 Pro.