Benchmarks: File Copy Test

Wow. I wasn't sure what to expect here but pushing over 1.1GB/s for an on-disk copy is impressive stuff. Previously the 950 Pro held the title here with a throughput of 761MB/s. The 960 Pro was almost 50% faster than that, delivering performance previously unseen.

The 950 Pro series was never particularly impressive in our program copy test delivering just 334MB/s. Thankfully, the 960 Pro improves on this by delivering a little over 60% more bandwidth at 542MB/s.

Our last file copy test uses game data in a mixture of small and large, compressed and non-compressed files. Here the 960 Pro is again extremely impressive reaching almost 1.1GB/s, which works out to 68% faster than the 950 Pro and 62% faster than the Intel SSD 750 Series.