Benchmarks: AS SSD Benchmark

The 960 Pro 1TB hit a breathtaking 2.76GB/s in the AS SSD Benchmark sequential read test, topping the 950 Pro by a margin of 25%.

The 960 Pro was even more impressive in the sequential write test with a throughput of 2GB/s. This meant it was 42% faster than the 950 Pro.

Again, we find that the 960 Pro series is over 40% faster than the 950 Pro with a 4K-64 Thread throughput of 1579MB/s.

The 4K-64 thread write performance was out of this world. Here the 960 Pro sustained a throughput of almost 1.3GB/s while the 950 Pro series was limited to 381MB/s. The next best SSD is the G.Skill Phonix Blade and it was still limited to 761MB/s.

The 960 Pro's read access time is just slightly slower than the 950 Pro, and although this result is still good, we figured it would at least match Samsung's older model.

The 960 Pro's write access performance was also completely off pace compared to the previous 950 Pro series.