Benchmarks: Total War: Warhammer, DOOM

Looking at the DirectX 12 performance in Total War Warhammer we see that the GTX 1050 is 3% faster than the RX 460, though this was just a 1fps advantage so much the same performance here. The GTX 1050 Ti was 15% faster than the standard 1050 and consequently 18% faster than the RX 460. Impressively, the GTX 1050 Ti also matched the performance of the GTX 960.

Focusing on Doom's Vulkan performance, we find that the GTX 1050 is 19% slower than the RX 460 though it did deliver the same 68fps using OpenGL as the RX 460 did using Vulkan. So technically both cards are capable of delivering the same performance in this title. Meanwhile, the 1050 Ti was 42% faster than the 1050 when using Vulkan but just 22% faster using OpenGL. This was because of the GTX 1050's 2GB VRAM buffer. Vulkan is very heavy on VRAM usage in this title and kills 2GB cards.