Benchmarks: Real-World Applications

The 960 Evo came in slightly slower than the 950 Pro series in our game installation test which we feel is an impressive result. At just 72 seconds, the 960 Evo series was a good bit faster than Intel's SSD 600p series.

Moving to our Acronis TrueImage 2015 test, the 960 Evo took just 149 seconds to complete the 45.22GB backup, placing it on par with drives such as the SM951 NVMe and not a great deal slower than the 950 Pro.

Again we see that the 960 Evo series is only slightly slower than the 950 Pro in the 7-Zip file extraction test, taking 57 seconds. Of course the 960 Pro is quite a bit faster here but that's to be expected as this is an extreme use case scenario.

Here we can see that the 960 Evo sustained 660MB/s in the 7-Zip test, slightly faster than the SM951 NVMe drive.