Benchmarks: AS SSD Benchmark

This time testing with AS SSD Benchmark we again find very strong sequential read performance from the new 960 Evo series as the 500GB model pushes as high as 2.6GB/s. This made it just a fraction slower than the 960 Pro and consequently 5x faster than the best SATA SSDs.

The 960 Evo 500GB might have been 19% slower than the 960 Pro for the sequential write test but it was still faster than everything else tested.

The 960 Evo matched the performance of the Intel SSD 750 series when measuring 4K-64 thread read performance. This again meant it was 20% slower than the 960 Pro, though looking at the overall picture that really isn't a significant margin.

Once again we find strong write performance from the 960 Evo, this time it was just 6% slower than the 960 Pro and again considerably faster than anything else tested, such as the Intel SSD 750 400GB for example.

The read access times are incredibly fast for the 960 Evo 500GB drive, taking just 0.022ms which is a good bit faster than the 960 Pro.

The write access times were also blistering fast taking just 0.020ms which is on par with the 950 Pro series.