System Performance

The system performance of this laptop doesn’t pull out any great surprises. The Core i7-6700HQ performs just as well as any other implementation we’ve seen, and the cooling solution seems more than capable of handling this CPU without throttling. You can see the benchmarks I performed below:

The 128GB SSD provided in my review unit doesn’t give you a whole lot of space after a collection of everyday applications are installed (as well as Windows 10), so I’d recommend getting something a little larger for everyday use. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to install a single game on the SSD when you factor in storage space for personal data, so I installed most games on the included 5,400 RPM (slow) hard drive.

The good news is that the SSD is extremely fast. The Samsung PCIe NVMe model produced sequential read speeds that well exceeded 1.5 GB/s, and 4kB random performance was good. This leads to fast app loading for anything installed on the SSD. Of course, the 1TB hard drive produced horrendous random performance, and sequentially you’ll be lucky to get 110 MB/s reads and writes.