System Performance

In system tasks that rely mostly on CPU performance, the GT73VR provides a slight performance improvement over other laptops that utilize the Core i7-6700HQ. Across our benchmarks, which you can find below, the Core i7-6820HK in this laptop was 5 to 7 percent faster on average, which is close to but slightly exceeds the 3 to 4 percent gain in CPU clock speed. The biggest gains were seen in x264 encoding, where this laptop was notably faster than MSI's other current-gen gaming laptops.

This laptop doesn't perform quite as well as the Asus G752VS as Asus applies a factory overclock by default to the Core i7-6820HK CPU in that laptop. You could easily achieve similar performance by applying an overclock to the CPU in the MSI GT73VR yourself.

As for storage performance, the RAID0 setup in this laptop absolutely smokes its competitors in sequential read and write speeds, exceeding 2.5 GB/s in both situations. Random performance falls back to the performance of a single drive, recording decent results here but nothing ridiculous. In general you'll be very happy if you purchase the 512GB model, and there's an additional M.2 slot available for adding in more storage in the future.

There's also a 7,200 RPM hard drive inside from HGST, which delivers sequential performance around 120 MB/s. Certainly nothing amazing but serviceable for archival storage.