Overclocking Results

When it came to overclocking, our 1600X sample was good for 4.1GHz while the 1500X sample hit 3.95GHz. Testing with Premiere Pro saw the 1600X boost its performance by 9% once overclocked, making it slightly faster than the stock Core i7-7700K and not much slower than the stock 1800X.

The 1500X performance was improved by just 4%, which was disappointing, mostly because overclocking the 7600K lead to an 18% improvement taking just 267 seconds. That said, the 7600K is a more expensive processor and requires a third party cooler as well. Compared to the similarly priced Core i5-7500, the overclocked 1500X was 28% faster, so that's great news for AMD.

The overclocked 1600X managed to draw a few more frames in Battlefield 1, though the result wasn't worth getting excited over. The overclocked 1500X was a little more impressive as it landed just ahead of Intel's Core i5-7500.

Here the 1600X gained 6% more performance in Ashes of the Singularity once overclocked, allowing it to beat the overclocked 7600K, at least when comparing the average frame rate. The overclocked 1500X was 14% faster than the 7500, hitting a solid average of 73fps.