Benchmarks: Quake 4, UT2004

The Quake 4 performance with maximum in-game quality settings was quite good at 1024x768, while the frame rates did dip a little low at 1280x1024 on the X1600XT and 7600GS. While Quake 4 generally favors NVIDIA based graphics cards this was not evident in the above results. The low quality settings saw the X1600XT render an average of 13% more frames per second at 1280x1024 when compared to the 7600GS.

UT2004 clearly favors the GeForce 7600GS as it was 20% faster than the X1600XT at 1280x1024 with maximum in-game quality settings turned on. Nevertheless, all three graphics cards did manage to offer very playable game performance in UT2004.