Benchmarks: Dishonored 2, WATCH_DOGS2, Resident Evil 7, For Honor

Dropping down to the medium quality preset for Dishonored 2 still saw these graphics cards fall short of the 60fps target, quite short in the case of the GTX 1050 and RX 560. The GTX 1050 was 7% faster than the RX 560 for the average frame rate and a whopping 21% faster when comparing the minimum frame rate. Using these quality settings the game was noticeably smoother with the GeForce graphics card.

Like Dishonored 2 we see that the RX 560 struggles in Watch_Dogs2 when looking at the minimum frame rate. Although it was only 7% slower when comparing the average frame rate, that figure jumps to 16% for the minimum frame rate. So a somewhat disappointing result for AMD here.

Resident Evil 7 plays really well on AMD hardware and we see that here with the RX 560 averaging 61fps at 1080p using the medium quality preset. This made it a few frames faster than the GTX 1050, which isn't saying much but it's a win for the RX 560 nonetheless.

The GTX 1050 runs away with the results in For Honor, providing 16% more frames at 1080p using the medium quality preset. The RX 560 also did well of course, averaging 57fps, but the 1050 never dropped below a 53fps minimum.