For Honor, Ghost Recon, Mass Effect, Dawn of War III

For Honor is heavily GPU bound and we see that here with all configurations providing roughly the same average frame rate. That said, the minimums do differ a bit and the overclocked 7700K provides the best results.

Wildlands is another heavily GPU bound game so the margins here are quite close, but the 7700K was able to deliver a few extra frames.

Mass Effect Andromeda is another game that isn't that heavy on the CPU despite the fact that it will spread the load quite evenly across a large number of threads. Anyway not much to see here as the 7700K and 7800X provide similar numbers.

We have yet another head scratcher with Dawn of War III. The 7700K was 45% faster out of the box and the margin remained much the same once overclocked – disappointing performance here from Intel's latest high-end hexa-core CPU.