Hitman, Quantum Break, Overwatch, Doom

Hitman is a game that has proven to be quite demanding and can take advantage of 6-core CPUs. That said, the 7700K is by far the more superior CPU in this title offering 30% more performance than the 7800X. Interestingly, once again overclocking the 7800X doesn't really help close up the gap and we weren't seeing any kind of throttling issues here either.

Quantum Break is another primarily GPU bound title, but so is Far Cry Primal and we saw some odd results there. Anyway here the 7700K and 7800K provide similar performance.

Have 12-threads? No worries, Overwatch will put them to good use. Even so the 7800X isn't able to pull ahead – the margins were similar but the 7700K was consistently faster.

We usually don't include Doom in our CPU benchmarks but we were often criticized during the Ryzen release for excluding it, apparently as a Vulkan based it should be included. Not sure why that is but as you can see, the 200fps frame cap makes it rather pointless. However, at least this time we do see decent performance gains from the overclocked 7800X.