Assassin's Creed Origins, Project Cars 2, Rainbow Six Siege

2017's most optimized and consumer friendly title, Assassin's Creed Origins has been included in the list of games tested and although it chews through threads, the 4770K isn't much faster than the higher clocked 7600K. Overclocking the 4770K only boosted performance by 10% and I suspect once again we're probably limited by memory bandwidth. Still, when looking at the minimum result, the 8700K was just 8% faster than the overclocked 4770K, so that's hardly going to be a noticeable margin.

Moving on, we have Project Cars 2 and here we have a fairly CPU demanding racing simulator. At stock, the 4770K looks quite slow though overclocked it's able to match the Core i5-8400 as performance is boosted by 17%. As a result, the 8700K was just 8% faster for the minimum frame rate in what was a mild gain.

Next up, we have Rainbow Six Siege and while this is a CPU intensive game, a quad-core chip with eight threads is more than enough as demonstrated by the Core i7-4770K. Out of the box performance was comparable to the 7600K while it edged ahead once overclocked. The 8700K did offer 17% more performance when comparing the minimum frame rate but with all CPUs pushing the GTX 1080 Ti to over 140fps at all times, I'm not sure how meaningful that increase is.