A Lot to Like for Pros

The main question when buying any professional-grade hardware is whether the pro-specific features and certifications justify the increased price tag. In the case of the VP3268, this display is available for $900, while the cheapest 32-inch 4K monitors are around $450. That's a huge price difference and puts the VP3268 out of calculation for budget shoppers.

As a result, if you're a gamer that just wants a 32-inch 4K display, there's no reason to buy the VP3268. Get something cheaper instead, and you'll probably be happier. You might even pick some additional features like FreeSync and faster response times on the way.

But if you're a professional that wants a high-quality, accurate display, there's a lot to like about the VP3268. It supports four separate color spaces each with a dedicated, factory-calibrated profile, and in my testing with the sRGB mode, it's certainly very accurate. You simply won't find an equivalent display with this level of accuracy, without using awkward software profiles, around that $450 price point. It also has outstanding uniformity, another key ingredient for professionals and something much harder to calibrate with an inferior display.

I love the thin-bezel design and ViewSonic hasn't skimped on stand adjustability or inputs. The on-screen display, however, is in desperate need of directional toggle controls, as the five-button control scheme used here is hard to operate. The inclusion of HDR support is also a little bizarre as it doesn't work well, though ViewSonic doesn't advertise this feature.

I also think the VP3268 could be improved a fair bit through two very small additions. Many other displays include FreeSync at this price point, and even though it's not a gaming monitor, variable refresh is always a handy feature. The ability to change brightness levels within the super accurate sRGB mode would also be appreciated.

Despite these minor complaints, if you are interested in a factory-calibrated display filled with professional-grade features, the VP3268 is a great buy at its $900 price tag. You do pay a premium compared to other options with similar hardware, but that's certainly worth it for excellent uniformity and factory calibration.

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Pros: Outstanding color performance thanks to factory calibration in multiple color spaces. Excellent uniformity. Great slim-bezel design with a flexible stand.

Cons: On-screen display is hard to navigate. Supports HDR, but poorly. FreeSync would have been a nice inclusion here.