Benchmarks: Far Cry, F.E.A.R

When it comes to games such as Far Cry, maximum in-game quality settings are required in order to take advantage of the more powerful graphics cards such as the GeForce 7600GT. Even with FSAA 2x + Aniso 8x enabled at 1024x768 the same average frame rate was achieved on all four configurations. At 1280x0124 the standard 7600GT was 31% faster than the 7600GS giving the 7600GT a clear performance advantage. Overclocking the 7600GS to its maximum stable frequency reduced this margin to just 5% in favor of the 7600GT. At 1600x1200 the maximum overclocked 7600GT was 16% faster than the maximum overclocked 7600GS.

F.E.A.R removes any processor bottlenecks with these mid-range graphics cards, giving them a fair work out at even 1024x768. In fact, even at this low resolution the 7600GT managed to produce 36% more performance than the 7600GS, which is quite impressive. Overclocking the 7600GS reduced this margin to 15% but then it came time to overclock the 7600GT. In doing so the overclocked 7600GT was 25% faster than the maximum overclocked 7600GS.