Benchmarks: Quake 4, UT2004

Quake 4 looked spectacular on the 7600GS at 1600x1200 and even without the manual overclocking, an average frame rate of 45fps was achieved. Further overclocking boosted performance by 22% as the average frame rate climbed to 55fps! However, even with the benefits of overclocking the standard 7600GT was just too powerful, producing another 20% performance hitting 66fps at 1600x1200. Overclocking the 7600GT took performance from 66fps to 72fps, a 9% performance gain.

UT2004 was more than playable using any of the four configurations. It was only the 1600x1200 resolution that saw the standard 7600GS fall slightly behind. Overclocking the card helped raise the performance to a level where it was comparable to the 7600GT at the higher resolutions.