Benchmarks: Far Cry 2, Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.

The performance difference between the GeForce GTX 275 and Radeon HD 4890 in Far Cry 2 is very similar to that of the GeForce GTX 260 and Radeon HD 4870. The GeForce GTX 275 dominated all three tested resolutions, delivering 19% more performance at 1680x1050, 16% at 1920x1200, and 17% at 2560x1600.

Please note that all current generation Nvidia-based graphics cards are limited to DirectX 10, while the ATI cards do support DX10.1, and as such were tested using this rendering mode.

DirectX 10.1 improves the performance of the ATI cards and the image quality as well. The Radeon HD 4890 was 9% faster at 1680x1050 than the GTX 275, and up to 27% in favor of the Radeon at 1920x1200.

At 2560x1600 the Radeon HD 4890 commanded a solid 64% lead over the GeForce GTX 275, as it managed to average an impressive 41fps at this extreme resolution.