Benchmarks: Unreal Tournament 3, World in Conflict

Like Supreme Commander we found that Unreal Tournament 3 delivered very competitive results when running our custom timedemo. For example, at 1680x1050 the GeForce GTX 275 outpaced the Radeon HD 4890 by just 2fps. The margin was increased at 1920x1200 and here the GeForce GTX 275 was 9fps faster, which worked out to be a 12% performance margin. Finally at 2560x1600 the GeForce GTX 275 was 15% faster, though this worked out to only be a 6fps difference.

The GeForce GTX 275 finishes off the benchmarking phase with a win in World in Conflict Soviet Assault, with a 19% performance advantage at 1680x1050. The margin closed as the resolution was increased as just 4fps separated the two at 1920x1200. Then at 2560x1600 the margin was further reduced and the GTX 275 rendered 2fps more than the Radeon HD 4890.