Late last year we took a look at what became our most beloved full size ATX case, the Cooler Master HAF 932. This aggressive looking chassis was well built from both an aesthetic and design perspective. With loads of great features on offer, the HAF 932 was made even more impressive by its affordable price tag.

These winning attributes put the HAF 932 at the top of every gamers' wish list. Perhaps the only big problem with it was its huge size at 22.0” tall and 22.2” long, it qualified the HAF 932 as a full tower, weighting in at 29.1 lbs. Still a modest weight for such a large case, it didn't exactly make the HAF 932 ideal for LAN goers either.

Then last month Cooler Master announced the arrival of the HAF 922 mid tower case, trying to build on the success of the original full ATX case, now on a more compact version. The HAF 922 is based on the same High Air Flow (HAF) design, supporting up to 7 large low-RPM fans, tool-less expansion bays and slots, and smart design meant to optimize air flow.

The HAF 922 follows the same aggressive design cues that will appeal to gamers, though its appearance has been modified from the HAF 932 as we will look into more detail shortly.

But certainly the key changes revolve around the size and weight of the case. The HAF 922 is not a great deal smaller than the HAF 932, though it is about 30% lighter (~19 lbs). This should make the Cooler Master HAF 922 a more popular choice among gamers, particularly those that like to move their computer around regularly.