Cooler Master HAF 922 Mid Tower ATX case review

Julio Franco

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Late last year we took a look at what became our most beloved full size ATX case, the Cooler Master HAF 932. This aggressive looking chassis was well built from both an aesthetic and design perspective. With loads of great features on offer, the HAF 932 was made even more impressive by its affordable price tag.

Then last month Cooler Master announced the arrival of the HAF 922 mid tower case, trying to build on the success of the original full ATX case, now on a more compact version.

The HAF 922 is based on the same High Air Flow (HAF) design, supporting up to 7 large low-RPM fans, tool-less expansion bays and slots, and smart design meant to optimize air flow. But certainly the key changes revolve around the size and weight of the case. The HAF 922 is not a great deal smaller than the HAF 932, though it is about 30% lighter, which should make the HAF 922 a more popular choice among gamers that like to move their computer around regularly.

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Thanks for another great review. Ive been thinking of picking up one of the HAF's or Armour cases but they both have there pros and cons.

I love the industrial steal and mesh look, which the HAF's pretty much have but I'm a bit turned off by the plastic and childish logo on the front and the red lights (every peripheral and computer attachment I own has blue lighting) but this is just being nit picky, I suppose I could always mod the fan LED's and add in blue ones. (Or just leave the LED's off :))
Thanks for the feedback Whiffen. Have you checked out the HAF cases in the flesh? They really do look very impressive for a gaming case, at least in my opinion. Most of my computer cases are Lian-Li but I really do like the aggressive styling of the HAF 932.
I am about to build a new system in a month's time, and this case may be the best I have come across.
I personally own a HAF 932 (full ATX) and I love it. I actually acquired the case after our review because it turned out to be so good.

As for looks, if you are into the black industrial look, the HAF will fit you nicely. I don't have any of the LEDs turned on. The case is more aggressive than the average high-end Lian Li chassis, so ultimately it will depend on your taste.
Man I tell you, I really like those cases (good reviews by the way, I like how you guys cover the details and include 360 degrees of empty and full pics - well done). Currently I own a CM Centurion and am impressed by how Cooler Master doesn't skimp on size (even on mids), fan options, or ease of hardware access and installation. I really like that 932 but am thinking a full size case may be a bit of overkill for me. That 922 however...that just looks like the cat's meow. Oh yes, you will be day very soon.
Probably going to pic this guy up when it goes retail.

I might mod it adding blue lights and painting the steal black.

I will say I do like this case more then the others in the price range, I'm one who loves plain geometry and lots of fans and mesh, kind of inspires me as a mapper >;d

Hmm, so this case will be about 150$ CND, and the 932 is 170$ CND. Think I should just pay the extra 20? I think the bigger brother gets quite a bit more for the 20$ as far as I'm aware :d
I know it may seem that I am reviving a dead thread, I would like to ask that the next time you do a review, please measure the distance from the back of the mb tray to the inside of the right panel - and report it. That would make deciding on a case easier.