Good Value or Not?

Going into this review I was mostly interested to see whether the Viotek GN32LD could deliver the same sort of experience and performance as more popular monitor brands for less money. And I think in general the answer to that is a resounding 'yes'.

That probably shouldn't come as a surprise, considering the GN32LD uses the same panel as other monitors with the same specifications. But it's good to know that this doesn't appear to be a low quality "binning" of the panel or anything like that; it's defect free, and it performs exactly as I expected for this panel type. So if you were thinking about buying an equivalent monitor from Asus but want to save a decent amount of cash, the GN32LD is a great option.

That said, there are some areas where Viotek has cut costs to keep the price down. The build quality is fine but it's basic and in some areas cheap. The panel can be calibrated to a good level of accuracy, but no real effort has been made to tighten up color performance at the factory. And for a product that you'd hope to last many years, a one year warranty is shorter than some other OEMs provide.

However, all that considered, I'd still recommend the Viotek GN32LD at its $470 asking price. Depending on the retailer, that's about the cheapest you'll pay for a monitor with these specs, give or take a few dollars. And when you're getting a viewing experience as good as a more expensive brand, I don't see a lot of point opting for a pricier equivalent.

I'd suggest you look at the Viotek GN32Q as well, which uses the same panel and is even cheaper, though it does use a rather unique gold design which might be off-putting for some buyers. But I'd expect that monitor to perform pretty much exactly the same as the GN32LD, and I think it might be getting phased out for the newer model.

Shopping Shortcuts:


Pros: Outstanding value for money: you're getting as good a display as a much more expensive monitor. Includes pretty much every important feature.

Cons: Build quality is okay but a bit cheap. Factory calibration isn't amazing