Final Thoughts

The Averatec All-In-One PC is a complete and very compact everyday computer system that will work well in most environments. Much like with a netbook, you must know the hardware's limitations and what you can expect of it before buying. This is not a power system capable of intense processing power.

Our system came equipped with only 1GB of DDR2 memory although you can configure the unit with 2GB. Windows XP isn't nearly as much of a memory hog as Vista, but I would still double the memory if it were my own computer. Many users would agree with Averatec that XP is indeed the better operating system. With Windows 7 just around the corner, it appears Vista will soon go the way of Windows ME.

Both the sound system and the display were highlights of this system, surpassing my initial expectations for this compact $500 system and making the computing experience very enjoyable. By using hardware commonly found in a netbook, Averatec was able to create a very small footprint for this system. The entire system can be wall mounted and with a wireless keyboard and mouse would look very sleek and trendy.

If you are looking for a very compact and sleek general use computer that won't break the bank, the Averatec All-In-One PC is certainly a contender for your money. However, if you don't care so much for a compact desktop PC, you could easily find a more powerful system in the same price range.

Pros: Very sleek and compact, wall mountable, great display, low power consumption, good integrated sound. Cons: Cheap wired keyboard and mouse. Difficult access to memory and hard drive for upgrades. Could get more processing power for the money.