Application Benchmarks, iGPU Power Consumption

Moving on to 7-zip and we find that for compression work the Athlon 200GE isn't going to be spitting out archives at an impressive rate, as here it was 6% slower than the Pentium G4560. It was 12% faster than the slow A12-9800 so that's something.

Then when it comes to decompression performance the 200GE is comparable to the Core i3-7100 and Ryzen 3 1200 thanks to its SMT support.

Next up we have the Excel results and here the Athlon 200GE was almost 20% slower than the Pentium G4560, though it was 33% faster than the A12-9800. So as expected not a beast in Excel but for most users it will be capable enough.

The 200GE also comes in just behind the Pentium G4560 in the PCMark 10 modern office benchmark which is a little disappointing, we would have liked to see some improvement over the early 2017 budget CPU in this test. By the way had AMD not locked this CPU, with a few changes in the BIOS it would be possible to achieve stock Ryzen 5 2400G like performance in this test.

As for power consumption, well the Athlon 200GE really is in a league of its own, seeing total system consumption peak at just 52 watts. The Ryzen 3 2200G test system using the same power supply consumed 75% more power while the G4560 consumed 44% more power. Of course the comparison with the A12-9800 is ridiculous, the Bulldozer based CPU pushed total system consumption 3x higher.

Then when gaming the Athlon 200GE consumed a similar level of power to that of the Pentium G4560, but as you're about to see destroyed it when comparing integrated GPU performance.


Before wrapping this up a quick note on temperatures, though please note these are not official results as we only got an OEM tray CPU and not a retail version with the box cooler. For testing I tried out the Wraith Stealth and found an idle temp of 29 degrees with a load temp of just 49 degrees.

I also threw on the passive Arctic Apline AM4 heatsink which is designed to handle up to 47 watt AMD processors. Given that the 200GE is a 35 watt processor I thought this would be a perfect time to test this cooler. With zero air-flow we saw an idle temp of 34 degrees with a load temp of 74 degrees, not bad given there was no air-flow at all.