PC-K56 External Design

The LanCool PC-K56 is based on the same chassis of the PC-K62, so internally and externally they are essentially the same product. The price difference between the two ($110 vs. $65) should be reflected on some of the modifications not available in the cheaper PC-K56 case.

From the front both cases are very similar featuring the same grill design. The key difference here is that the I/O panel is no longer located on the top of the case; rather it has been placed on the front. Ports available in this panel is the same featuring just two USB ports and two audio jacks.

Although the I/O panel is located on the front of the case, there are still five external 5.25" drive bays available. The top of the PC-K56 has no vents or grills of any kind and there is also no plastic mold. The top of the case has been left naked, making the case just 46cm tall whereas the PC-K62 stands 50cm tall - not including the rubber feet. The height is the only dimension to change as both cases share the same length (49.5cm) and width (21cm).

The front panel can also be removed without the need for any tools, which should make the installation process much quicker and easier. Removing the front panel allows the user to pop out the necessary 5.25" covers allowing for the installation of various optical drives and other 5.25" devices.

Like the PC-K62 the right hand side door of the PC-K56 has been left standard, it is just a flat panel secured using a pair of thumb screws. The left case door of our review sample featured a case window which we believe is an optional extra in the PC-K56. This window did carry all the screws and there were no large cracks, though upon closer examination we noticed a few small cracks in the perspex that could grow over time.

The rear design of the PC-K56 is identical to the PC-K62 except for the black paint job, so the rear of this case exposes the threaded steel, same as you would see on any other traditional computer case.

Given that the PC-K56 is made of steel it weighs a bit more than your average mid-sized Lian-Li tower case at 8.85kg, while the PC-K62 weighted in at 9.45kg. A similar size case in aluminum we estimate would weight half as much but it would also cost twice as much.