PC-K62 External Design

The LanCool PC-K62 is a good looking gaming case that we feel should appeal to most users, which is not something we can say about many gaming computer cases. There is quite a bit going on with the design of the PC-K62 without it being over the top.

When you start to look at all the minor details, it becomes quite obvious this is a Lian-Li case.

From the front the design reminds me of the original Cooler Master Stacker case, as it is wrapped in a large black grill. LanCool has dressed it up using black plastic to help give the PC-K62 a more unique look. The use of plastic rather than the traditional aluminum, which would have been used by Lian-Li, allows LanCool to produce a more affordable product.

The front grill expands the entire length of the face and in the process hides the 5.25" drive bays giving the impression that there could be more than the included five.

The top of the case has also been dressed up using plastic and the design ties in well with the rest of the case. At the front we have a nice little I/O panel, which has been neatly done and is easy to access. Unfortunately there are no eSATA ports located on the I/O panel, which is a little disappointing. There are two USB ports and two audio jacks here.

The power and reset buttons are also located on the top mounted I/O panel and blend in with the case very well. Behind the I/O panel is a massive grill that measures 29cm long by 13cm wide. Beneath this enormous vent is a pair of 120mm fans which come pre-installed.

Flipping the PC-K62 around reveals that this case has been painted black inside and out for a complete look that finishes off this case nicely.

The power supply is located at the bottom of the case, which we've noticed is becoming a popular design choice. There are eight PCI expansion slots using black brackets. Additionally there is a single 120mm fan along with an inlet and outlet port for water cooling which will allow to easily mount a radiator externally.

The right side panel is just your standard removable case door, fixed firmly by a pair of thumb screws. The left door features a large clear perspex window secured by ten small bolts. Taking a closer look at this design we noticed a few problems with our case which didn't point to the kind of build quality we have come to expect from Lian-Li.

For example, one of the window screws had been over tightened, creating a rather large crack in the plexiglass. There was also a screw missing which we could not find in the box. Other that that it was smooth sailing with the PC-K62, though it's some of those small things you prefer not having to deal with when you spend money in a brand new case.