Final Thoughts

The LanCool PC-K62 is loaded with features and at around $110 it seems like a really good deal. External design and looks are subjective, but to us this is a very nice looking case that uses clean lines while remaining subtly aggressive thanks to its black on black paint finish. If it wouldn't be for a few flaws here and there, this could have been an exceptional case at this price point.

This mid-sized tower features just four 3.5" hard drive bays. Granted they are very good quality bays, but having just four of them doesn't seem like enough to us, and honestly we would rather sacrifice 5.25" bays rather than 3.5" bays. It would still be possible to fit more than four hard drives, but recurring to adapters to install them in the 5.25" bays if needed.

We would have also liked to have more USB ports, eSATA and Firewire on the front I/O panel, or at least a richer combination than the default two USB ports and audio jacks. From the perspective of buying the LanCool PC-K62, this is something we don't see impacting cost for a $100+ case, while it's perhaps a more passable situation when looking at the cheaper PC-K56.

It was also concerning to see a dodgy perspex window installation on the PC-K62 that came with a large crack in it and a screw missing. Furthermore, looking at user reviews around the net, we don't seem to be alone in this situation. This doesn't say much about factory quality control right out of the box and we do expect Lian-Li to correct this in the very short term.

We went over both the PC-K56 and the PC-K62 with a fine tooth comb, and it has to be said, with the exception of the perspex window, these are extremely well designed and built cases.

The LanCool PC-K62 in particular is very well designed, from the removable 3.5" drive caddies to the placement of the 14cm fans.

The PC-K56 is a very similar case as you could tell from our comments throughout the review. It remains a good looking case, despite losing many of the design aspects that helped to make the PC-K62 an exciting product. Without a doubt the PC-K56 is a less desirable product, and given the choice to spend $45 more on the PC-K62, we would go for it every time.