Synthetic 3D Performance

FurMark results are boring to stare at, though we were surprised to see the Phenom II X4 965 dominating the minimum frames per second test with 119fps, compared to all three Intel processors that were limited to 101fps. The maximum frames per second were all capped at 186fps, clearly showing our GeForce GTX 285 was acting as the bottleneck.

Using the Unigine Engine, we ran the Sanctuary and Tropics benchmarks. The Phenom II X4 965 fares well producing the highest score in both tests, though margins were insignificant across the board.

Unlike the previous 3D synthetic benchmarks, SPECviewperf is more CPU dependent, and therefore we do see a bit of a difference when comparing these four processors.

The Maya test had the Core i5 750 averaging 40.3fps, or half a frame faster than the Core i7 920 and 860 processors, while the Phenom CPU was a tad slower.

The 3dsMax test showed more homogeneous results with very small margins between processors.