Benchmarks: CrystalDiskMark

The first test we ran using CrystalDiskMark measures sequential performance. Here the Agility EX performed slightly better than the Corsair P128, reaching 253MB/s and 193MB/s respectively for its read and write performance. OCZ's newest drive was topped by the Vertex Turbo in the read performance test by a 2% margin, but it was also an impressive 30% faster when it came to write results.

The Random 512KB test strongly favors the Agility EX as it managed to achieve a read throughput of 206MB/s, while the write results were also quite notable at 191MB/s. This made the read performance of the Agility EX 20% greater than that of the Vertex Turbo and 44% greater in write performance.

When working with tiny 4KB files the Agility EX fared well against other Indilinx Barefoot based SSDs and even the Corsair P128 Samsung SSD. In fact the drive received its biggest performance boost over the competition in this test, beating the Vertex Turbo by a 58% performance margin when measuring read performance. Write results were even more impressive as the Agility EX provided a 75% performance gain over the Vertex Turbo.