Benchmarks: AS SSD Benchmark

The first AS SSD Benchmark test measures sequential performance. Although the Agility EX was slightly slower than the Vertex Turbo when looking at read performance numbers, the write throughput was up to 29% greater. In that same vein the Agility EX outclassed Corsair's P128 by a comfortable 58% margin when measuring write performance.

The Agility EX continues to shine in the 4K AS SSD Benchmark test as its write throughput matches the read performance of its MLC-based contenders. Compared to the Vertex Turbo drive, the new Agility EX delivered 56% more read performance and 45% faster write speeds.

The 4K-64 Thread test shows OCZ's Agility EX falling behind the Vertex Turbo and other Indilinx Barefoot SSDs by a noticeable margin on read speeds. The SLC-based drive makes up for it with a 70% or higher gain in write performance compared to its rivals.

The access time results of the Agility EX were only average. Looking at the graph above we see that it roughly matches those of the other Indilinx Barefoot SSDs, but was still slower than the original MLC-based Agility drive.