Benchmarks: Atto Disk Benchmark

Using Atto Disk Benchmark we can take a look at each drive's read performance when working with 512K, 1KB, 2KB, 8KB, 32KB and 128KB file sizes. The Agility EX is vastly superior to the competition when working with small files, offering double the performance in the 512K, 1KB and 2KB tests.

Once we reach 8KB the advantages of the Agility EX start to diminish. Here the drive only matches the Vertex's performance, while for larger file sizes the Agility EX falls behind by a small margin.

We see a similar trend when measuring write performance. Here the Agility EX becomes even more dominant when working with small files, delivering almost three times the speed of the Vertex and the other Indilinx Barefoot SSDs when measuring 512K and 1KB file transfer rates.

It was also more than two times faster in the 2KB test, but again once we reached files 8KB in size and greater the Agility EX was more or less in line with other Indilinx Barefoot SSDs.