Pre-installed Software and Performance

Because we received the X-Slim X340 just before the Windows 7 launch, our review sample shipped with Vista Home Premium. A quick check at some of the online retailers offering this laptop shows it is eligible for a free upgrade for Windows 7.

I was pleased to find that MSI kept the useless software bundle to a minimum. There were only three programs which I chose to uninstall right away: Norton Internet Security, EasyFace Logon and CrazyTalk Cam Suite. More seasoned users also have the option of jumping the initial setup completely in favor of reformatting the system after receiving their Windows 7 install disks.

Below we have included a set of benchmark numbers and graphs from several tests that were run on the X340 to give you an idea of how its processor, hard drive and memory system perform under load.

Super Pi 1M

Super Pi 4M

Sandra Processor Arithmetic

Sandra Memory Bandwidth

Sandra Memory Latency

Sandra Multimedia

Sandra Physical Disks

HD Tune