Final thoughts

The Crucial 10th anniversary memory kit is a great way to celebrate a decade of successful business. Though these modules are nothing new but basically dressed up versions of their already great Ballistix memory, it would have been even nicer if Crucial offered something a little more special like a crazy heatsink design.

This 10th anniversary memory has the winning combination of being able to operate at DDR2-667 with relatively aggressive timings or at up to DDR2-1000 with rather loose timings. Surprisingly at 675MHz it can operate at timings that come close to those of DDR400 modules. Though, given the difference in technology, these modules are far superior to that of any DDR400 product.

From not only my benchtesting but also stress testing, I can say with great confidence that the 10th anniversary modules are able to handle aggressive timings whilst maintaining absolute stability. There are few DDR2 2GB memory kits that offer such aggressive DDR2-667 timings, that in my opinion will be the selling point for this memory.

Overall I am highly impressed with how flexible and stable these memory modules performed throughout the testing phase, making them an ideal choice for both the latest AMD and Intel platforms. You really can't go wrong buying these Crucial modules, we just suggest you try to get the best deal possible after comparing from different online merchants.