Overclocking Performance

Overclocking the GeForce GTS 450 went extremely well. As shown by the already factory overclocked Palit board, it seems the GF106 chip revision will be friendly to extreme overclockers.

We managed to squeeze a little more out of the Palit GTS 450 Sonic Platinum. The card maxed out at 973MHz for the core and 2250MHz for the memory. That's an amazing 190MHz core boost, overall increasing frequency by 24%.

On average we saw a performance boost of 18% for this manual overclock. When testing with Far Cry 2 the overclocked GeForce GTS 450 performed on par with the Radeon HD 5850 showing how close the gap becomes in certain titles.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 put the GeForce GTS 450 within a frame of the Radeon HD 5830. Finally, on Battlefield 2: Bad Company the overclocked GeForce GTS 450 was 5fps slower than the GeForce GTX 460 (768MB).