Pre-installed Software and Performance

The X100e shipped to us with Windows 7 Professional 32-bit, which is suitable for a system with only 2GB of memory. If you opt for the full 4GB load out, I would also upgrade to a 64-bit copy of Windows to take advantage of all the memory. Since this is a business class system, the usual bloatware has been replaced by useful software. Some of the trial software install files include Norton Internet Security and Microsoft Office 2007.

Lenovo's ThinkVantage Toolbox is included with the X100e which acts as a hub for items like system health, security, performance, networking and diagnostics. The software is resourceful and easy to navigate but may not be for everyone.

The X100e also has a neat hard drive protection system. Dubbed Active Protection System, the software monitors for physical shock and disables the drive when excessive force is detected to prevent damage to the spinning internals. The software defaults at maximum sensitivity but you can lower this in the configuration tab or disable it completely.

As with the Edge, Lenovo also includes their Power Manager software that monitors battery levels and manages power profiles. I opted to uninstall this software and let Windows control the power options.

Lenovo includes provisions for creating backups, Rescue and Recovery 4.3, but without an optical drive, you are only able to save the backup directly to the hard drive. This can be moved to an external storage medium but I would like to have seen a physical recovery disc bundled as well. Lastly, the company also provides links to activate an AT&T or Verizon wireless mobile broadband account, should you elect to have the optional Integrated Mobile Broadband installed.

Below we have included a set of benchmark numbers and graphs from several tests that were run on the ThinkPad X100e to give you an idea of how its processor, hard drive and memory system perform under load.

Lenovo ThinkPad x100e System Specs


  • 11.6" display operating at 1366 x 768 resolution
  • AMD Turion Neo X2 dual-core L625 (1.60GHz, 1MB L2 cache)
  • x1 2GB PC2-5300 DDR2 memory (2GB total)
  • ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics
  • 250GB 5400 RPM Fujitsu hard drive


  • Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (32-bit)
Benchmark Results
3DMark 06 (higher is better)  
3DMark Score 1078 3DMarks
CPU Score 1118
PCMark Vantage (higher is better)  
PCMark Suite 2404 PCMarks
Memories Suite 1401
TV and Movies Suite 1635
Gaming Suite 1619
Music Suite 2830
Communications Suite 2543
Productivity Suite 1748
HDD Test Suite 2728
Super PI Mod 1.5 (lower is better)  
1M test 0m 56.815 sec
4M test 4m 43.702 sec
Sandra processor arithmetic (higher is better)  
Agregate arithmetic performance 9.75 GOPS
Dhrystone ALU 9.9 GIPS
Whetstone iSSE3 9.61 GFLOPS
Sandra processor multimedia (higher is better)  
Aggregate multimedia performance 14.87 MPixel/s
Multimedia Integer x8 aSSE2 18.75 MPixel/s
Multimedia Float x4 iSSE2 11 MPixel/s
Multimedia Double x2 iSSE2 6 MPixel/s
Sandra memory bandwidth (higher is better)  
Aggregate Memory Performance 3.85 GB/s
Integer Buff'd iSSE2 Memory Bandwidth 3.87 GB/s
Float Buff'd iSSE2 Memory Bandwidth 3.84 GB/s
Sandra memory latency (lower is better)  
Memory Latency 159 ns
Speed Factor 84.10