Benchmarks: Atto Disk Benchmark

Looking at the Atto Disk Benchmark, we can see where OCZ came up with their 740MB/s read rating for the RevoDrive X2. When using 128K sample data the drive reached 732MB/s, and 32K performance was also impressive with a throughput of 425MB/s.

However the RevoDrive X2 240GB only matched the Vertex 2 Pro 100GB in the 8K, 2K and 1K data tests. This could be the reason for its less-than-stellar real world performance.

We found the same when testing with the Atto Disk Benchmark. The OCZ RevoDrive X2 240GB reached 718MB/s when using the 128K sample data and this number steadily decreased with the file size. The 8K, 2K, and 1K tests all showed the RevoDrive X2 240GB to be no faster than a single Vertex 2 Pro.