Synthetic Performance

SPECviewperf v11 includes a number of tests and we have recorded the data from SolidWorks and Maya. Both tests heavily use the CPU and GPU, so it is a good benchmark for measuring platform performance.

The AMD E-350 performed exceptionally well in this test, coming second only to the much more power hungry Phenom II X2 desktop system. When compared to the Asrock Ion 330HD-BD which features a combination of the Atom 330 and Nvidia Ion, the AMD E-350 platform was 3.6x faster in SolidWorks and 4.5x faster in the Maya test.

POV-Ray is a very intensive program to benchmark CPUs with and we use two images called Biscuit and Woodbox for testing. The Atom 330 is particularly slow here, taking 91.3 seconds to render the Biscuit image. The AMD E-350 was 50% faster at 46.1 seconds. Meanwhile the Core i3 and Phenom II X2 base systems cut that time in half again, taking 22 seconds or less.

CINEBENCH R11.5 is a synthetic benchmark program that measures CPU and GPU performance individually. The AMD E-350 provided rather weak CPU performance, which was to be expected from this low powered solution. Nonetheless, it was 19% faster than the Atom 330.

Meanwhile the GPU performance of the AMD E-350 was quite strong, providing the best results of any integrated graphics engine we've seen. The chip clocked in at 35% and 54% quicker than the AMD 890GX chipset and the Nvidia Ion.