Benchmarks: Battlefield Bad Company 2, Bulletstorm

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was tested using Fraps to record 60 seconds of gameplay from the level "Cold War" with the best visual quality settings and 4xAA/16xAF enabled.

Bad Company 2 running at an insane 7680x1600 resolution

Back when we first reviewed the GeForce GTX 590 we found that at 2560x1600 it was 9% slower than the Radeon HD 6990. As we add more pixels at 5040x1050 we find that the GeForce GTX 590 is now 16% slower in this game.

At 5760x1200 the Radeon HD 6990 was about 26% faster and at 7680x1600 it was 160% faster! To be fair, the latter results in undesirable frame rates on either card anyway, but it seems with 4xMSAA enabled the GeForce GTX 590 runs out of puff at these extreme high resolutions.

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We used Fraps to measure frame rates during a minute of gameplay from Bulletstorm's first single-player level: On the road to hell. The test begins on the third checkpoint where the player engages a number of hostiles on a cliff face. The scene has heaps going on and provide an excellent representation of the performance gamers can expect to see on this game.

The Radeon HD 6990 was again faster than the GeForce GTX 590 when testing with Bulletstorm. At 5040x1050 it was 7% faster than the GeForce GTX 590 while it was 12% faster at 5760x1200 and then finally 14% faster at 7680x1600.

For this title we did disable anti-aliasing when testing as it hammered the frame rate right down even at 5760x1200. The GeForce GTX 590 was also unable to deliver playable performance at 7680x1600 with any form of anti-aliasing enabled. Those wishing to play at this extreme resolution with anti-aliasing will have to use a GeForce GTX 590 SLI or Radeon HD 6990 Crossfire setup.

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