Benchmarks: File Copy Test

When copying a single large file, the Crucial m4 256GB is only 8% slower than the OCZ Vertex 3 240GB with a throughput of 145.9MB/s. Conversely, it blasted past its predecessor, clocking in at 34% than the RealSSD C300 256GB. The m4 also managed to outpace the Intel 320 and 510 Series drives – if only by 3% in the latter case.

The Vertex 3 showed us what it's made of during the program copy test, which is comprised of many small non-compressed files (6104 files totaling 2.75GB). The m4 was 29% slower than OCZ's flagship offering, producing a throughput of 139.8MB/s. On the bright side, it was 27% faster than Crucial's old RealSSD C300.

The game copy evaluation is a mixture of small and large, compressed and non-compressed files (1336 files in this test weighing 2.70GB). The m4 managed to roughly match Vertex 3's performance with an impressive throughput of 187.7MB/s. It was also 25% faster than the 510 Series and 38% faster than the RealSSD C300.