Benchmarks: AS SSD Benchmark

Again we find that the m4's sequential read performance is virtually identical to Intel's 510 Series while exceeding the C300's performance by 16% and falling 20% short of the Vertex 3's.

With a sequential write performance of 238.2MB/s, the m4 was a whisker faster than its elder, but it was still 20% slower than the Vertex 3's solid throughput of 277.7MB/s.

AS SSD Benchmark's 4K-64 thread test showed similar performance trends as the CrystalDiskMark 4K-32QD test. When measuring read performance, the RealSSD C300 outpaced the m4 by some 25%, while the m4 was about 3% faster in write performance.

Both read and write access times have improved with the m4, particularly the latter. In fact, the m4 provided very similar results as the Vertex 3.