Cooler Master CM Storm Enforcer cont.

The left side case door is adorned with various strong lines and curves. There is also a fairly large window so you can flaunt your hardware. It's worth noting that we also appreciate the Enforcer's feet, which raise the case 1.5cm off the ground and they won't be knocked off in transit -- a nice touch for folks who haul their system around to LAN parties.

The Enforcer's internal design is also brimming with features, providing virtually everything you would expect to find in larger, more expensive models. Expansion support includes four 5.25" bays, six 3.5" bays, two 2.5" bays, seven standard expansion slots and an eighth vertically-aligned slot for I/O brackets.

Cooling is managed by a huge front 200mm fan that features red LEDs and spins at 1000 RPM. There is also a smaller rear 120mm, 1200 RPM exhaust unit and you can install an optional 100mm or dual 120mm fans in the top.

Other internal features include tool-less 5.25" drive bays, which we found to function better than the Colossus'. The 3.5" drives can also be mounted using special tool-free brackets.

The six 3.5" bays are separated into two cages: the bottom one supporting two drives and the top one supporting four. You'll have to sacrifice the larger top cage if you want to install extra-long graphics cards such as the Radeon HD 6990, but the HD 6970 or GTX 580 should fit fine.

Cooler Master has also included a small 2.5" drive cage seated in front of the power supply on the floor of the Enforcer. If you'd rather have the extra space, you can easily remove the enclosure by undoing a couple screws.

Unsurprisingly, the motherboard tray has a hole below the CPU socket for simplified heatsink installations, and there's tons of space to conceal your unsightly cables. It should also be easy to feed your liquid-cooling tubes into the case courtesy of three half-inch holes on the top rear.

Thanks to the Enforcer's wider profile, it can accommodate heatsinks up to 175mm tall versus the Shinobi's 157mm clearance. Overall, installing hardware into the Enforcer was a real pleasure and we didn't stumble upon any issues.