Lian-Li Lancool PC-K63

Weighing 22.9lb (10.4kg) and measuring 215mm wide, 530mm long and 530mm tall, the Lancool PC-K63 is a bit larger than you'd expect to find in a mid-tower. Despite being considerably heftier than the Cooler Master Storm Enforcer, the PC-K63 only costs $10 more following recent price cuts.

Although it's based on the same chassis as the PC-K62 we reviewed almost two years ago, the PC-K63's outer shell has been drastically overhauled – for the better if you ask us. Somehow, the Lancool PC-K63's aesthetics manage to be flashy enough for gamers and tame enough for general users.

Its façade is very similar to the Enforcer's in that there are three external 5.25" bays followed by a large mesh, which allows the dual front mounted fans to draw in cool air. The large red activity light above the drive bays adds a splash of color to an otherwise mellow, all-black finish and it works very well.

A single USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, dual audio jacks and the power/reset buttons sit flat on top of the PC-K63, melding into the chassis instead of popping out on a diagonal riser as we've seen with the HAF X and others. Farther back, you'll see a series of large grills to dispel heat from the case.

The left door features a massive Perspex window which is shaped to resemble the PC-K63's side silhouette. Around back, we have a fairly typical layout that sees the power supply mounted in the bottom of the case, while there are a pair of half inch holes for water cooling hoses.

The PC-K63 is well stocked with features, but given its price, we think the Enforcer has an edge. While the motherboard tray features a square hole for rear CPU access, there are limited cable management options and very little room behind the motherboard tray to stow thick power cables.