1920x1200 - Gaming Performance

Cranking the dial up to 1920x1200 knocks the low-end HD 6670 out of the picture with only 22fps, while the obsolete GeForce 9600 GT narrowly escaped the 20s frame rates. The GTS 450 and HD 6750 also resided in 30-40fps territory. All three cards delivered less than ideal, but still playable frame rates.

The HD 5870 outranked the 6950 again by 4fps, placing it alongside the GTX 480. While it's interesting to see where the cards land amongst their peers, every modern mid-range or high-end product aced the 1920x1200 benchmark. The GTX 580 claimed the top of our graph with 94fps.

The higher resolution allowed us to record a greater variation in performance between MW3 and its predecessor as the HD 6950 and GTX 570 were 12% and 9% faster in the newer version.