Overclocking Performance

Using the Catalyst Control Panel, we pushed the Gigabyte HD 7950's core from 900MHz to 1040MHz, which is a 16% increase and 30% more than a standard card. The memory also reached 5.8GHz, 16% higher than the reference spec. These frequencies were achieved without any voltage modifications.

The heavily overclocked HD 7950 was 23% faster than an unmodified model with an average of 64fps at 1920x1200 in Just Cause 2.

Aliens vs. Predator saw an 11% increase from our overclocked HD 7950, putting it only a single frame away from the HD 7970.

The margin between our extra overclocked HD 7950 and the reference model grew to 24% in Battlefield 3, topping the HD 7970 by 5%.