Benchmarks: Hard Reset, Just Cause 2

The two HD 7770s were just 2% faster than the GTX 560 Ti in Hard Reset while being 24% faster than the HD 6870. The Crossfired 7750s couldn't surpass either card, ranking 7% lower than the HD 6870 and 24% behind the GTX 560 Ti.

The HD 7770's frame rate increased 93% in Crossfire, squeezing 89fps out of Just Cause 2 at 1920x1200 – a smooth 53% lead on the HD 6870 and 51% on the GTX 560 Ti. The HD 7750s also scaled well with a 100% boost over a single card while also garnering a 17% jump over the HD 6850 and 15% on the GTX 560 Ti.