Benchmarks: Company of Heroes, Far Cry

Company of Heroes is a fantastic real-time strategy game and I was excited to see how well the GeForce 8600 GT would perform in this game. Sadly, the performance was about average, though the 8600 GT managed to outperform the 7600 GT. The 8600 GTS also defeated the 7600 GT and almost equaled the 7900 GS in terms of performance.

Far Cry is yet another great game which we are used to use in our tests though this one is starting to show its age. Nevertheless with an action packed timedemo, we are able to hurt the slower cards a bit.

The 8600 GT managed 54.3fps at 1600x1200, whereas the 7600 GT produced 61.7fps. The 8600 GTS was slightly faster, rendering 67.5fps, though it was out gunned by the 7900 GS.