Benchmarks: Real-World Applications

The Windows 7 boot time test starts when the OS loading screen appears and ends when the Windows desktop is fully loaded. On the first run the Crucial Adrenaline performed much like the Western Digital RE4 1TB without the SSD cache. However after a few runs the time was reduced significantly as the Crucial Adrenaline became 48% faster than the Western Digital RE4 1TB without the SSD cache. With a load time of 15.4 seconds the Adrenaline was comparable to the Intel SSD 510 Series and SSD 320 Series drives.

For the application load test, we launch the following applications on Windows' startup: Internet Explorer, Outlook 2007, Access 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Publisher 2007, Word 2007 and Photoshop CS4. The test runs from when the Windows 7 startup sound plays to the time the final application is loaded.

Already the first run showed that the Crucial Adrenaline has a lot of offer for those who enjoy heavy multitasking. The Western Digital RE4 1TB took 27.6 seconds to complete this test but with the Crucial Adrenaline enabled that time was reduced to just 10.3 seconds. Running the test multiple times saw that time reduced further to just 5.3 seconds matching some of the fastest SSDs money can buy.

Here we see when launching a single application, in this case Adobe Photoshop CS4, the Crucial Adrenaline is able to speed the Western Digital RE4 1TB hard drive up quite considerably. Taking just 4.5 seconds on the first run opposed to 10.1 seconds the Adrenaline went on to reduce load times to just 1.2 seconds after three runs.

The StarCraft II level called "All In" took 34.3 seconds on the first pass with the Crucial Adrenaline enabled opposed to the 40.1 seconds it took the Western Digital RE4 1TB hard drive without the SSD cache. Loading the level multiple times reduced the load time to just 17.3 seconds which was an impressive improvement.