Benchmarks: AS SSD Benchmark

Interestingly the AS SSD Benchmark does not seem to be as optimized as CrystalDiskMark was. That said the first run was still exceptionally fast providing a throughput of 357.5MB/s whereas by the third run the Crucial Adrenaline had achieved 456.7MB/s.

The AS SSD Benchmark sequential write data does resemble that of the CrystalDiskMark test with both the first and third runs delivering the same poor performance.

Here we see a massive difference in performance between the first and third run. Whereas the Western Digital RE4 1TB achieved just 1.6MB/s the first run with the Adrenaline boosted the throughput to 12.8MB/s. Although that is a significant improvement it is still very slow by SSD standards. The third run saw the bandwidth increase from 12.8MB/s to a more impressive 164.9MB/s.

Again the Crucial Adrenaline is able to significantly enhance the performance of the Western Digital RE4 1TB taking the performance from 1.4MB/s to 69.2MB/s on the first run. By the third run the bandwidth had increased further to 97MB/s.

When measuring the read access time we find that at first the Crucial Adrenaline makes the Western Digital RE4 1TB a fraction slower. However by the third run we saw a slight improvement, though I should stress only a very small improvement.

Here the write access time is improved considerably when using the Crucial Adrenaline. Without the SSD cache the Western Digital RE4 1TB took 2.688ms while with the Adrenaline this time was reduced to roughly 0.250ms.