Synthetic Performance

The i7-3720QM rendered an average of 9.67fps in SolidWorks, 2% faster than the FX-6100 and 9% faster than the i7-2600K. Meanwhile, it was just 7% slower than the i7-3770K, which is impressive given that it's clocked 25% lower.

The i7-3720QM averaged 14.49fps in Maya, which was roughly as fast as the Core i7-3820 and just 7% slower than the i7-3770K.

The CINEBENCH R11.5 CPU benchmark saw the i7-3720QM provide the same results as the i7-2600K despite being clocked 24% lower, and it was only 15% behind the i7-3770K.

WinRAR's built-in benchmark shows that the i7-3720QM has very strong multithreaded performance as it delivered 3408kb/s – faster than the i5-2500K and FX-8150.